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Private Swimming Lessons | One-On-One Swimming Classes

How to Book Swim Lessons With Aquatics Connect

Why Choose Us?

“Did you know that around 20% of Americans can’t swim at all, and about 56% of us can’t swim properly and safely enough to save themselves or another in a drowning situation? Learning to swim is a vital life-saving technique and something that must be mastered and not treated as a hobby. Swimming is a skill you must develop with a professional, in a safe and secure environment. We feel the best way to learn how to swim is in a private setting, preferably in the comfort of your own yard. If you don’t have a pool of your own, visiting a trained specialists facility is the next best thing for you.

A group lesson at a public or larger facility can often feel overwhelming. Statistics show that when taking a 30-minute group lesson, a student will only average 7 minutes of swim lesson time! Our private and semi-private lesson mentality allows for the student to maximize their learning time and drastically cuts the time it takes to become a proficient swimmer.

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Steps To Follow

Follow these steps to register.


Step 1 Register Online

Sign Up using our simple to navigate system. Simply input your location and student information, our system will automatically locate the best instructors in your area based on the criteria you have input. You will be able to filter by sex, age, skill level and several other criteria to find your perfect instructor match.

You can choose an instructor, or Aquatics Connect can pair with you with a high quality instructor based on your requirements. Within 24 hours you will be speaking with your personal swim instructor through our dashboard, setting the swimmer up for success!


Step 2 Get Approved By Aquatics

Once you have selected or been placed with a swim instructor you are ready to schedule your swim lessons. Gone are the days of the constant back and forth, trying to guess the instructors schedule of availability or trying to remember how many lessons you’ve booked and how many you have left. You can view the instructors calendar of availability within your user dashboard and book empty time slots; book one lessons at a time or schedule your entire lesson package at once!

Once you have selected your package and chosen a time slot for one or all of your lessons you will be able to securely pay for your package by credit card or a number of different payment options. With Aquatics Connect, you are guaranteed a quality instructor or your money back.


Step 3 Start Your Work

You’ve matched with a swim instructor and selected your lesson package, now the real fun begins! Each of our instructors comes in uniform with all of the necessary swim lesson equipment to ensure your swimmer is successful as quickly as possible. You expect the best, don’t settle for less - equipment such as kickboards (sized to the swimmer), dive sticks/rings, hoola hoops (yes, hoola hoops), pool deck mats and various pool toys come standard with our swim lesson packages.

At the conclusion of each lesson your instructor will upload the lesson recap and tasks to work on before the next lesson to your dashboard. This will keep you in the loop on what your swimmer learned in that days lesson and tips on how to continue to improve.

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