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How to Book Lifeguards With Aquatics Connect

Why Choose Us?

Did you know that around 20% of Americans can’t swim at all, and about 56% of us can’t swim properly and safely enough to save themselves or another in a drowning situation? According to the CDC, approximately 3,536 people drown each year in pools and other non-boating-related accidents. Sadly, of the total number of accidental drownings, approximately one in five victims are aged 14 our younger.

We don;t highlight these statistics to scare you, but alert you to the very real fact that these drownings are completely, 100% preventable! Some estimates indicate that the chance of drowning at a pool protected by lifeguards can be less than one in 24 million. We want to give you that piece of mind at your next pool event. When you have a million things going through your head already, leave the water safety to the professionals. There is no doubt that trained, professional lifeguards have had a positive effect on drowning prevention in the United States.

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Steps To Follow

Follow these steps to register.


Step 1 Register Online

Sign Up using our simple to navigate system. Simply input your location and event information, our system will automatically locate the best lifeguards in your area based on the criteria you have input. You will be able to filter by sex, age, skill level and several other criteria to find your perfect lifeguard match.

You can choose a lifeguard, or Aquatics Connect can pair with you with a high quality lifeguard based on your requirements. Within 24 hours you will be speaking with your personal lifeguard through our dashboard, setting the event up for success!


Step 2 Get Approved By Aquatics

Once you have selected or been placed with a lifeguard you are ready to schedule your event. Gone are the days of the constant back and forth, trying to guess the lifeguards schedule of availability. You can view the lifeguards calendar of availability within your user dashboard and book empty time slots; book one event at a time or schedule several events all at once!

Once you have selected your package and chosen a time slot for one or all of your events, you will be able to securely pay for your package by credit card or a number of different payment options. With Aquatics Connect, you are guaranteed a quality lifeguard or your money back.


Step 3 Start Your Work

You’ve matched with a lifeguard and selected your event package, now the real fun begins! Each of our lifeguards comes in uniform with all of the necessary equipment to ensure your event is as professional and safe as possible. You expect the best, don’t settle for less - equipment such as a lifeguard rescue tube, first aid hip pack, pocket mask and whistle come standard with every lifeguard you hire.

Each of our lifeguards is vetted by a comprehensive background check and run through the national sex offender registry database. Certification cards are kept on file and we systematically ensure all certifications are kept up to date. You also get the protection of our insurance coverage and there is always a backup lifeguard on standby in the rare case that your lifeguard is unable to attend for any unforeseen circumstances.

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